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We keep getting asked the same questions over and over again, so we have decided to write them down. 

Healink is a platform for tattoo enthusiasts of all sorts. We are focused on three categories: safe & natural tattoo care products, tattoo education and one of the largest tattoo artist databases in the world.

We currently offer the following tattoo care products:

  • tattoo aftercare cream (intended for skin recovery after getting a brand new tattoo)
  • tattoo lotions for maintenance and beautiful skin
  • natural oils and body butters for bringing any tattoo, no matter how old, back to life

Currently all membership features are free of charge. 

Of course! We are trying to establish as big a tattoo artist database as possible. You can simply search for yourself in our database, and if you come across you profile, let us know, so we can help you claim it. If there is no data on you, simply create your personal account at Healink, build your offer, show your work and make yourself open for booking requests. 

Yes you can! We are on the verge of creating the biggest tattoo artist platform, so we are 100% sure, you will find the perfect tattoo artist for you. Simply sort out our tattoo artists’ list by “Tattoo Designer” on this link and you are ready to go.

Our products are more than 95% natural! We take pride in our search of finding the best (and for the majority of times naturally manufactured) ingredients for our tattoo care products. Unfortunately, some of the substances preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi need to be added, for they make sure your skin is protected in those early stages of recovery, when the risk of tattoo infection is high. But if you only swear by natural ingredients, you can always use our body butters that are 100% natural and free of any additives.

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